Windows Server 2012 Now Available

We are happy to announce that we have launched the Standard and Data Center Editions of Windows Server 2012 for all Dedicated Hosting Plans and Scalable Cloud Hosting Plans.

Powering many of the world’s largest data centers, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 also provides great value to businesses of all sizes. In addition to the release of System Center 2012 Service Pack 1, some of the new features include virtualization, networking, storage, an improved UI, cloud computing and much more.

Elastic, scalable, virtual and dynamic, all key features needed for a successful business infrastructure. Windows Server 2012 provides all this and more in one.

  • Capabilities:
  • Server Virtualization
    Hyper-V, with its increased scalability and performance, provides an elastic solution for cloud computing
  • Expanded PowerShell Capabilities
    There are hundreds more cmdlets in the latest version of Windows Server. This will make your life easier, since PowerShell is essentially the preferred method of managing all of the workloads you can run on the operating system.
  • Networking
    Take the complexities of networking out and make it easier for your users to connect to your IT resources and to manage your cloud network.
  • Identity and Access
    Build strong data access management and protection for corporate resources by deploying the Identity Management Infrastructure
  • Storage
    High availability and uptime are musts in today’s business landscape. Ensure your users of both with diverse storage choices. Windows Server 2012’s new features and enhancements for disk, network and storage area networks provide the choices you need.
  • Storage Spaces: Flipping Complexity on Its Head
    Storage Spaces is an innovative features that basically takes commodity storage hardware—inexpensive drives and their controllers, like a JBOD (informal parlance for Just a Bunch of Disks—and turns it into a pool of storage that is divided into spaces that are in turn used just like regular disks.

Each of these pools can contain hot standby disks, and each of the Spaces in the pool can have availability policies such as mirroring and RAID-style redundancy. You can even perform thin provisioning, which is specifying a volume that’s bigger than you actually have space for. That way, when you do need the additional room, just pop in a few more drives; no reconfiguration is required. It takes the complexity and expense of network-attached storage and SANs and basically flips it on its head. You can just get a bunch of disks together and get really flexible in carving them up where you need additional space.

  • IIS 8
    IIS 8 brings Internet Information Services up to feature parity with the rest of the world, and surpasses it in places. More than a decade’s worth of “you use Windows as your web server” jokes officially end here. IIS 8 sports script precompilation, granular process throttling, SNI support and centralized certificate management. Add in a FTP server that finally, mercifully, doesn’t suck (it even has functional login restrictions) and IIS 8 becomes worth the cost of the operating system on its own.
  • Server Management and Automation
    Management and Automation simplified allowing for increased efficiency and reducing your overall costs.
  • Web and Application Platform
    Increase your scalability and elasticity with support for open frameworks and opens source applications.
  • Dynamic Virtual Machine Queue
    Originally introduced in Windows Server 2008 R2, was dramatically improved in Windows Server 2012 allowing you to spread the processing of your network traffic across all CPUs, resulting in increased network performance.
  • Benefits:
  • Cost-Effective Infrastructure
    Increase your VM density as needed without additional licensing costs
  • Modern App Platform
    Windows Server 2012 provides frameworks, services, and tools to help boost scalability and elasticity for applications and improve website density and efficiency.
  • Access Anywhere Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    Today’s business environment is becoming much more digital and virtual. Companies are able to do more with secure access to their corporation’s infrastructure from just about anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Enhanced data security and compliance
    Windows Server 2012’s intelligent security infrastructure allowing you to increase data security and compliance by granting access to data based on strong identity and device security statuses that you create.

To learn more about how Windows Server 2012 can benefit your business, or to consult with one of our Windows Engineers, please call us at 877-586-7207 or fill out the information below.