Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing Automation

With new digital marketing tools becoming more powerful and accessible, almost every business can use resources like website builders, business intelligence data platforms, app development, etc.  However, you’d be hard-pressed to find something more important and useful than marketing automation for digital marketers and online businesses.

A marketing automation platform allows marketers to score, nurture, and attribute leads by analyzing digital footprint trails that users leave behind when browsing the Internet. A report by EmailMonday confirms that more than half of B2B companies (58%) plan to use marketing automation technology.

You may have already figured out how to utilize an email marketing automation platform and appreciate the importance of sending automated direct response messages, scheduling events and tracking email click-through rates.

But what about other important channels, like social media?

Social Media and Virality

Social media has changed marketing because platforms like Facebook, gives a business (regardless of size) the ability to easily reach millions of potential customers. The nature of social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) have made it so much easier for businesses to cost-effectively target different types of audiences with precision and speed.

Nevertheless, speed can also become a negative issue. Being responsive and fast is important in a social world where messages (good or bad) can go viral in a single day. But sometimes, it can be difficult to manually keep up with all your different social media platforms and the conversations.  But, social media automation can help make your social media efforts more efficient and effective.

There are a few things to think about first, before jumping into social media automation.

  • Understand the opportunities that can be automated.
  • Devise ways to remain on top of trends and conversations. The tool you choose may help with this.
  • Pick your tool wisely. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole and purchase something that is cool or even useful, but not useful to your business.

 Advantages of Social Media Automation

Integrating your marketing automation platform with social media provides you the opportunity to get on the data bandwagon. It gives your marketing team the opportunity to get a well-rounded 360-degree view of your prospects.

For example, you can create tags behind posts to tracks your campaigns or add social sharing buttons on emails and landing pages. Social media interactions, user activity on posts make it much easier to segment your audience so that you can properly target your messaging. Your message can then be created and displayed to a defined group of recipients, like loyal customers, bloggers, users who never open your emails, etc.

Integrating automation with social media can help save a sell or prevent negative viral campaigns. A tool like Mention allows you to easily monitor social media platforms, blogs and other websites for a mention of your brand. If you come across an unhappy customer, you can reach out and resolve the situation before it escalates any further.

You can also identify and best utilize the social channels bringing in the most leads.  Being able to segment leads based on clicks, content topics, channels, campaign tags and more can help businesses effectively nurture them with more relevant content.

With social media marketing automation software, you can react to the social media user actions by setting up automated alerts on the automation platform. An example would be automating the sales chat by automatically inserting contact data in your CRM.

These are just a few of the many things that can be done when integrating marketing automation and social media.

Different Social Media Automation Tools

There are a ton of social media tools that have popped up in the digital marketing revolution, but here are some of the best and more popular social media automation tools available now.

Automate What You Can But Remain Engaged On Social Channels

Use your time wisely and take repetitive tasks out of the equation with automation.  But recognize these tools should help you get a better understanding of your customers and how they engage with your content on the web. It’s still up to you to take advantage of these insights and put together a winning campaign.

If this all seemed a bit overwhelming, you’re not alone.  Let DirectiveGroup help your business grow successfully with social media and marketing automation.

This is a guest blog written by Michelle Keyser, Director of Social Media and Content Marketing, at DirectiveGroup, a digital marketing agency, where she is a strategist and blog contributor. Contact them today for more information by calling 1.866.925.9524