What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that allows users to share images they find online that are interesting, inspiring or fun to look it. It’s been around for a while now but has just recently caught on intensely. Pinterest is visually driven, which makes it pleasurable and very easy to use. When you share an image they become a “pin” and they can be placed on “Boards” which are customized and defined by the user. Once you “pin” something any follower or Pinterest user can “repin” the same image can “like” the pin or comment on it.

The best way to start using Pinterest is to have a user send you an invite; otherwise, it could take more than a week to get your request approved. Once you’ve received an invite or been approved Pinterest allows you to set up an account using your Facebook or Twitter page. This is an automatic and quick way to find people to follow and have people follow you in return, a.k.a “Friend Seeding”.

There is a “follow all” button that lets you follow all boards of a person. It also allows you to choose which boards you want to follow if you are only interested in certain subjects. This is a HUGE difference between Pinterest and the other social networking sites such as Facebook and Google + Circles. With Google + you have control over what your followers see from you, but are still subject to weeding through content and images you have no interest in. With Pinterest, it allows you to only see what YOU like. Example, if you “Follow” someone on Pinterest and they have a board for recipes, which you like, a board for decorating ideas, which you love, and a board for space ships, which you have no interest in at all, you can just choose NOT to follow that board. If you’re not following that board you won’t have to see anything having to do with space ships in your Pinterest feed. Therefore, your time on Pinterest is all about you and your interests.

Pinterest has also gained popularity because it doesn’t feel invasive and as personal as the other social networking sites. It’s easy to use, is visual and creative and there’s no risk of over-sharing or spamming your friends. Pinterest has quickly engaged millions of passive social media users. Not necessarily the power users of social media, who generate most of the content on Twitter and Facebook.

Some popular uses of Pinterest boards include ideas for your home, recipes you enjoy, images from trips/places, inspirational images, planning an event (wedding), latest electronic devices, how to’s and so much more. Go check it out and Happy Pinning!!!