What is Cloud Automation? Everything You Need to Know

Cloud automation is uncovering billions of dollars in revenue and other business values for companies of all industries and sizes. In fact, 75 percent of the IT executives who use it, claim that cloud automation brought numerous improvements to their organization, including customer experience, agility, and revenue. 

What is Cloud Automation? 

“Cloud automation” is merely a term used for software-based solutions that offer automatic control of configuration, management, and installation of cloud computing services. 

Another way of putting it is by utilizing technology, cloud automation makes decisions involving your cloud computing resources that are better for your business at that time. 

It is a system that you can set up to automatically handle many business aspects so your staff no longer has to that can result in an error-free, secure, fewer expenses, and more revenue successful organization. 

Arranging all of the cloud computing environment modules can be a daunting task: Installing and organizing servers, virtual machines, virtual networks, and storage clusters. Moreover, these resources must be monitored to ensure proper performance, which is a challenge in itself. 

Many organizations find their cloud computing resources are too complicated for them to manage and control in real-time. Therefore, as they transition their operations to the cloud, the importance of cloud automation will become more important as the goal is to make cloud management tasks as fast, simple, and efficient as possible. 

Cloud automation consists of various IT activities such as: 

  • Compliance and security 
  • Backups and storage 
  • Configurations and settings changes 
  • Code deployment 

Cloud Automation Benefits: 

  • Reduces costs while raising revenue 
  • Eliminates human error 
  • More Security 
  • Saves time 
  • Faster deployment 
  • Better control 
  • Greater collaboration and unity services 


Reduces costs while raising revenue 

One great feature of cloud platforms that is making headlines is “on-demand” pricing, which allows clients hosting cloud infrastructure to only pay for the resources used as there is no need for idle infrastructure that would have to be deleted anyway. 

In addition, automating processes, reduce the need for more personnel which can reduce costs and raise profits. This reduces labor costs as extra personnel is not needed when automation is involved and it raises profits by allowing the employees that you do have on the payroll, to be more productive and focus on other tasks that help generate more business values. 

Cloud automation also keeps your customers and clients happy by producing flawless data so you won’t have angry customers calling to complain. In fact, when a customer is very happy with your products or services, they want to share their source with others, and most will take to the internet to give you a great review. Nothing beats a great review these days. Happy customers mean more business and more business means more revenue. 

Eliminates human error 

People make mistakes; after all, we are only human. However, mistakes can be detrimental to an organization, especially when it comes to exposing data records. When it comes to database configuration and cloud provisioning automation can reduce the risk of error by replacing human involvement. When manual configuration by IT personnel is no longer required on cloud automated systems, your IT staff can focus on other business activities. 

More Security 

The same automation concept applies to patch management. Human error during a patch cycle – where necessary patches may not be properly configured or not applied correctly — can result in malicious attacks as holes are left for attackers to gain access to important data. 

Automation can take the vulnerability out of patch deployment and scanning by running these tasks automatically in a controlled fashion rather than by IT staff. 

Saves time 

Just think about all the time your company spends on things like payroll, taxes, scheduling meetings, and more. Moreover, the manual transfer of data can consume more of your staff time than all of the above put together when you consider entering endless amounts of data through a web portal into a desktop application before it is usable (not to mention the fact that the outcome of entering data manually will result in numerous mistakes in spelling or other that could render this data worthless). 

Cloud automation can save you all this time and errors by automating such functions for you allowing you to have more time to deal with more important business functions and improvements. 

Faster deployment 

Big companies like Netflix utilized cloud automation for the hundreds of alterations made each day to their website as once problems are detected that interfere with performance, it reverts the changes. 

“Continuous delivery” is a software engineering philosophy that tests change thoroughly to ensure they are ready for production, which is why the ability to be able to add new code is essential. 

Better control 

Ultimately, cloud automation gives you more influence and power over IT resources by regulating cloud management strategies. When your business needs changes, you can modify them more easily as cloud automation helps to define business policies and procedures. This predictability is especially helpful for organizations that are subject to industry regulations and audits. 

Greater collaboration and unity services 

“DevOps” is a very popular set of functions that provide greater collaboration and unity services between IT operations teams and software developers within an organization. 

The benefits of DevOps include more stable environments, faster delivery times, and more productive and satisfied team members. 

Doing Business Today 

Now you can see why thousands of businesses worldwide are turning to cloud automation to improve their business ventures as it has many pros that, by far, outweigh the “little” to “no” cons. It adopts innovation and new technology combined to run a successful business in a modern world. Cloud automation is the way of doing business today for any industry throughout the world, whether they are a small organization or a major corporation.

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