How Valuable (and findable) Is Your Content?

Our lives are busier than ever.  We live in an instant gratification world where we want everything at our fingertips.  It’s no wonder that you have fewer than ten seconds to convince a website visitor that your content will be relevant to their needs and they will find what they’re searching for on your site or media channel.  If your content isn’t easy-to-follow and doesn’t load quickly, there’s a good chance you will fail to capture them.

Even with a super-snazzy site or media channel, including all the bells and whistles, your visitors WILL NOT convert without content that speaks to their needs, tells them why they should choose you, and then provide a clear path to action.

Content must serve a purpose.

It has to be persuasive, informative, scannable, easy-to-navigate, and interesting. On top of all this, it must be optimized for search engines and marketed at places your target audience hangs out. So even if you have the most content-rich site, mindfully developed for an exquisite user experience, perfectly written for conversion success, unless your visitors can first find it, they will never be able to read it.

Provide Value
If you’re like most businesses, you’re passionate about what you do.  Don’t let that passion turn into narcissism.  Keep your content focused on the value that you provide to your customers; not on how great you are.  Valuable content not only impacts your engagement with your target market, but also your bottom line.  According to a recent survey, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates 3 times as many leads.  More and more consumers are using content to help influence their buying decisions making it critical for businesses to ensure that they are posting value, not just copy.

We recommend these 5 quick ideas to use in your approach to writing robust content.valuable content graph

  • Natural: craft content that uses the right words, the right style, and the right tone for your audience.
  • Narrative: tell a story, guiding your visitor through the process that asks and answers their questions, persuading them to trust your advice. At that point they will take action to solve their problem – using your solution.
  • Customize: create content that uses an authoritative tone, and that speaks to trending topics or important issues for your industry, thus developing your thought leadership.
  • Effective: produce content that provides both visitors and search engine crawlers interesting and thoughtful content that not only keeps them engaged but encourages them to come back and visit often.
  • Marketable: consider where the content will be promoted or seen, so that it is contextually appropriate for your audience’s frame of mind at the point they encounter it.

Searchable Content
The tips above are certainly important but if your content can’t be found, it doesn’t matter how rich or valuable it is. Content and SEO should go hand-in-hand.  When writing content make sure you optimize it.  Perform a keyword analysis for each aspect of your business. Then, use those keywords and phrases that received high search volume as appropriate when you write your content.  Don’t overlook the importance of your headline when writing your blog or other long-form content.  This is the first thing your readers and search engines look at.  When writing your headline make sure it is written to:

  • Get a high click-through rate on social media and in Google search results
  • Sum up the topic of the post
  • Make a promise that your post delivers on

Putting it All Together
Content is an essential foundation of your marketing efforts. When written correctly, good content allows you to communicate to your target audience without selling, which oftentimes allows for greater engagement.  It gives you the power to influence your audience, deliver value to them, and create new-found relationships based on useful information in exchange for loyalty. This is truly an earned relationship.  Most importantly for sustaining your ability to deliver great content, it can drive leads that turn into revenue.

So what now?  It’s a lot of work to take on by yourself.  GlobalDirective can help.  The first step to successfully writing valuable and findable content will be to do market research to identify trending topics that your target market cares about.  From there we can help you build a persona and develop a content plan and editorial calendar that keeps your market hungry for more.

This is a guest blog written by Michelle Keyser, Director of Social Media and Content Marketing, at GlobalDirective, a digital marketing agency, where she is a strategist and blog contributor. Contact GlobalDirective today for more information by calling 1.866.925.9524.