Top SEO Mistakes That Many Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Make

Building the brand presence of your ecommerce business online can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to repeat all the mistakes that first-timers do. There’s a quote that says, “a fool learns from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from other’s mistakes.”

This article will outline the 4 most common mistakes that many ecommerce entrepreneurs make. Try avoiding these mistakes at any cost and you’ll see an improvement in the SEO performance of your ecommerce website.

Lack of Product Descriptions

This is one of the most common mistakes that most online businesses make, especially those in the fashion, apparel or cosmetic industry. When the description of a product is incomplete or missing, it prevents search engines from understanding what the product is. Search engines can’t rank products for queries if they don’t know what the product is. Thus, it’s always a great idea to add good descriptions on all the products. The rule of thumb is to write relevant, useful and quality content that helps your audience get the required information and make the purchase decision. Also, ensure that you don’t copy the product descriptions written by other ecommerce businesses. Google blacklists websites that contain duplicate content.

Using Manufacturer’s Product Description

If you want to get ignored by Google, copy the product descriptions written by the manufacturer and add to your website. This is a very common source of duplicate content.

The thing is, the same content will be used by other ecommerce businesses all over the world. And most of them are not going to change the content. How is it possible for Google to differentiate your business from your competitors dealing with the same products you’re offering if they all are described the same way?

Remember to write the content in your brand’s tone. This is essential for the overall performance of your business. If you have an ecommerce website with thousands of products and can’t write unique product descriptions for each page, consider setting up automatically generated descriptions that will be unique to your site. Talk to your web developer for quality solutions with this.

Lack of Product Reviews

Online buyers look at customer reviews before taking the final purchasing decision – perhaps not every time, but almost 70% of the time. That means if your site doesn’t have enough product reviews, you are missing a lot of opportunities. Moreover, it is easier for your business to show up in Google searches with review pages than it is for sales pages.

Another benefit of having product reviews on your site is that it is a fresh piece of content for your store – and that too is free of cost! Reviews keep the product pages live, which further helps search engines that are crawling your website again and again. The more reviews you get, the better it is for Google trust your business and show it prominently.

Not Using Unique Titles

Another problem faced by many eCommerce stores is non-unique title tags. We know, it’s not easy to write unique titles for each page, especially when you are maintaining a website with hundreds or thousands of pages containing thousands of similar products for different brands. You are left with no option but to use the same set of keywords again and again. Search engines are also aware of this limitation and therefore, you have the option of focusing on unique key phrases.

A tip to make sure you are using the right key phrases is to conduct research on your target audience and see what keywords they use when they search for a specific product you sell.


The best way to stay ahead of any search engine algorithm updates is to make sure you are giving your users the best experience you can. Make sure your site and products deserve to outrank your competition.

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