Top 10 Android Apps

Don’t worry Android users, we haven’t forgotten about you; now that we’ve written about the top 10 apps for productivity for iPhones, we are going to do the same with Androids! Here is a list of the top ten Android apps that can make your life, just a little bit easier! Enjoy!

Adobe Reader

This is extremely reliable when you have to view and share PDF documents. This app is free and has the ability to easily access, manage, and share various PDF files including portfolios, fillable forms, and more. You can easily zoom in on content for an up-close view, use bookmarks to jump to a specific section of your PDF file, and much more.


This app allows you to plan your day and keep organized. You can drag and drop an idea into your itinerary, swipe off a task as you finish it, and shake your Android to clear out your completed responsibilities. You are also able to share your “to do’s” with your colleagues, friends, and family to improve efficiency! Another great feature of this app is the ability to verbally say what you want to do and this app will put your words into a text!

CamScanner Free

This app turns your Android into a portable scanner and fax machine. This app is extremely helpful for people who are not always in their office. You can digitize any of your documents simply by taking a photo and then creating it into a standard PDF file. All paper documents can be scanned and processed automatically including business cards, receipts, bills and more. You can even fax the documents and combine multiple documents into one. Another great feature is the ability for your documents to be shared by e-mail, uploaded to cloud, and more.

Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is very fast and free! This app allows you to sign into your Google account and sync data from your computer into your phone including your bookmarks, passwords, and more.


A free service that allows your documents, pictures, and videos to be synced and saved to all your computers, phones, and the drop box website. Dropbox allows the sharing of files to be extremely easy. If you use Dropbox, all of your files will be the same no matter where you’re working from, even if you’re on the go!


This is a free app that lets you take notes, take photos, create to do lists, and record voice memos. There are a ton of great features to this app including the capability to email notes and save tweets to your account, save, sync, and share files, and much more. This app was listed in the New York Times under ‘Top 10 Must-Have App’.


This personal organizer is great for business and personal usage. The calendar can be viewed in weekly or monthly views and can even be rotated sideways. Important events can be displayed in red and you can also customize the colors to your liking. Additionally, you can sync this app with Google Tasks.


Similar to the iPhone’s Siri, Robin is the voice assistant for local information and has at her fingertips, numerous capabilities. Robin can give you turn by turn directions, provide parking information, get your Facebook and Twitter updates, and much more.


This app is one of the greatest for spell check and incorrect typing; it gives accurate corrections and predictions on what your next words will be. Additionally, SwiftKey remembers phrases that you use and will make typing easier and more accurate over time. This app has the potential to save you a lot of hassle and frustration every day and also comes in multiple languages.

TeamViewer for Remote Control

You can control your computer without actually being at your computer! With this app, you can remotely access computers from your Android phone. You can edit your documents from anywhere! You can use this app while on a call and are able to transfer your files from your cellphone to any computer and vice-versa. This is a great app if you are a traveler!

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