The Benefits Of Microsoft Exchange Online Hosting For Your Business

As advances in technology allow people to be connected more than ever before, today’s workforce is less likely to work in an office, all day, every day. Instead, workers are increasingly distributed and mobile, often conducting business from numerous locations using several new platforms to do so. In order to stay productive, workers need full access to email anywhere they go at a moment’s notice—business communication can happen at any time and employees must be prepared!

One of the best programs for effective email hosting is Microsoft Exchange Online, which offers the mobile workforce anywhere access, allowing users to connect with their e-mailboxes across any computing device, whether it be a laptop, tablet, or cellular phone. With email data available at any time and large 25GB mailboxes, Microsoft Exchange Online provides the most full-featured hosting program available to businesses today.

Although Microsoft Exchange Online is specifically designed to assist organizations with common IT problems, it tackles several other issues as well. In hard economic times for example, companies are looking to accurately predict and cut costs while maintaining the same capabilities. Especially for small businesses with tight budgets, Microsoft Exchange Online is an ideal option as it provides a full-featured messaging platform as a subscription-based service that has predictable and affordable monthly costs.

Microsoft Exchange Online can also effectively encourage user productivity and collaboration in the work place as well. (Wherever that spot may be!) As more workers are conducting business from home, coffee shops, or other remote locations, it is important that they stay connected with their associates even if they’re not physically in the same place. What makes Microsoft Exchange Online so great is that by promoting easier management of emails and collaborative messaging and calendaring, workers can connect with others regardless of where they are. This ultimately helps employees become more efficient, as this program provides the means to keep-in-touch on every level.

For those looking to stay updated with the latest technology, fear not; Microsoft Exchange Online also has options for you! By having a well-rounded email disaster recovery system, this program assists businesses to achieve a newfound level of reliability, both internally and for their customers. And as Microsoft Exchange Online eliminates the need to physically update the infrastructure on-site, businesses will have the latest technologies as they happen—instead of waiting for the IT department to obtain them.

HostLabs Hosted Email, with the help of Microsoft Exchange Online, ultimately provides a high-performance email host that is both secure and reliable. Our advanced security features encrypt all email communications keeping them private and protected—allowing you to conduct an effective and successful business, regardless of where your employees work from.