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Andrew Delira

Page Load Speed – Tips For A Speedy Website

Tips For A Speedy Website Once you have designed and published a website, you want to direct maximum traffic to your content.  You most definitely want to maximize your page load speed, so your content loads quickly, and your visitors don’t get bored and click out. Most people have a

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Andrew Delira

Google Chrome Indicating HTTP Sites As Not Secure

JULY 2018 Google Chrome To Label HTTP Sites ‘Not Secure’ In a bid to make sure that the Internet remains a safe place to work, connect and browse, Google has already taken action against unencrypted websites. The ranking of HTTP websites was lowered in 2015 and non-secure login forms and

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Andrew Delira

How to Develop and Communicate Your Competitive Advantage

In today’s blurb we want to talk to you about how to identify your competitive advantage.  Every business should be able to answer a simple question- “Why should a customer buy from you rather than from your competition?” Simply put, having a competitive advantage is the reason your business is

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