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Website Management

Why Our Website Management Service?

HostLabs Website Management Service is very popular for small to mid-sized businesses that don’t have an in-house designer or an IT expert on staff to make changes and regular updates that are necessary to remain relevant and visible on search engines.

This is especially important if you are using a CMS such as WordPress to run your website. Regular updates to themes, plugins and the CMS itself are vital to ensure the security and uptime of your site.

Our team can assist with this, allowing you to focus on growing your business and revenue.

Website Management

Starting at
$ 99.95
mo. / website
  • 2 Websites $20.00 off
  • 3 Websites $30.00 off
  • 4 Websites $40.00 off
  • 5 websites $50.00 off

Updates & Installs Available

Most websites are built nowadays using open-source third-party scripts (like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal) that are usually supported by a developer community.

Such scripts require from time to time updating and patching due to either bugs, obsolete code or known security and stability vulnerabilities.

Through the Website Management Service, we will be able to offer upgrade for such third-party scripts for as long as their developers release up to date versions and provide the upgrade packs along with upgrade instructions (if needed).

*This service is not limited to open-source scripts only as we also support the upgrade for closed-source/commercial scripts for as long as the customer can provide us with the upgrade packs and instructions from the vendor.

Most content management scripts used nowadays are modular which means that they have plug-and-play support for both themes and modules that enhance the functionality and layout.

Just as the core system of the scripts, the third-party plugins and themes receive and require updates and patches from time to time in order to keep them working properly.

*This service is not limited to open-source themes and plugins only as we also support the upgrade for closed-source/commercial themes and plugins for as long as the customer can provide us with the upgrade packs and upgrade instructions (if needed) from the vendor.

If you intend to build your website and you find the deployment process too technical for the third-party script that you intend to use, then we can install the script for you including any third-party themes and modules that you may require further.

Also, we can install Frameworks and Platforms on your server (Gitlab, Gogs, Rocket.Chat etc.) for as long as the existing operating system and hardware available meet the minimum requirements for such frameworks or platforms.

Moreover, based on your instructions we can also configure the third-party script/framework/platform after installing it in order to meet your requirements and also meet a minimum security and integrity level.

*Such applications can also be deployed through Docker containers and made accessible via reverse proxy.

If your application requires specific PHP extensions, Perl, Python modules or Ruby gems in order to run then we can certainly install such add-ons for you upon request for as long as the requested add-on is fully compatible with the software versions available on the server.

Exploit Protection for Web Apps (WordPress, Joomla etc.)

In order to prevent unwanted intrusions, we can implement exploit prevention tweaks in order to protect your web apps from the most common attack vectors.

Such tweaks include protection against XSS (score A on, SQLi, RFI and also SSL encryption enhancements (score A on Qualys SSL test).

Security Headers Test:

report summary raw headers

Qualys Test:

exploit protection

Penetration Testing, Assessment and Patching

Using industry standard tools and cutting edge technology, we can perform penetration testing against your server in order to determine potential vulnerabilities or intrusion points and based on the results and recommendations we can apply tweaks against those vulnerabilities or intrusion points.

WP Scan sample report:

WP Scan Report

GreenBone/OpenVas sample report:

penetration testing

Website Security and integrity audit

Besides the offsite tests conducted through the pen-testing methods we can also do onsite security and integrity audits in order to identify potential malware within your files and if malware is found then using the server level logs and/or other specific methods we can determine what potential intrusion points exist and either patch them or recommend patches for them.

Additionally, we can employ third-party malware scanning services to confirm and obtain additional information in such cases.

Exploit / Malware Removal

Using internal tools, we can perform malware cleanups to remove all known malware found through the security and integrity audits.

Our tools have been developed and are being maintained in order to identify all types of known website malware and will only remove the malware from within your files leaving the legitimate code intact.

Administrative / Webmaster time included

Every month, you will receive 2 hours of dedicated administrative/webmaster time. Within this time, you will receive full coverage of the referenced solutions bundled with the plan. We perform a series of server/website management tasks limited to the expertise of the tech support staff.

*Although some website edits are covered through this service, they will not imply website re-design, facelift or third-party code fixes and improvements. Such issues require a dedicated developer. Additional Tech Time rates: $120.00 per hour

 Data Migration Service

If you need to migrate websites or application between servers or bring your server and services to us from another provider, then our data migration service can help you achieve this goal without hassle.

*Although we support the migration of data, we may not be able to resolve post-migration issues that are the result of incompatible hardware/software, deprecated code or custom server configuration.

Server & Service Optimization

If your website or application is running slow, your server is experiencing constant high load or you simply want to improve their performance, then we can evaluate the server and make further recommendations for improving the performance or correcting performance and stability issues.

*An A score can be achieved with Pingdom for most of the sites for as long as the content does not rely on heavy external embeds and the code of the plugins and theme isn’t bloated or deprecated.

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