Repurposing Content In Masterful Ways To Reach New Audiences

Content marketing delivers big results using blogs, podcasts, video, illustration, and social media sites among others as a vehicle. Your digital business can gain a loyal audience, if you generate and publish the right kind of content that conveys your expertise and expresses your brand voice well. Content that resonates with your target audience can help you stand out among your competitors, stay top of mind with prospects, convert them into customers, and encourage them to become repeat buyers.

The challenge for marketers is to keep generating new ideas, conduct research, write, edit, A/B test headlines, publish, and then promote a new blog as often as possible.  In trying to produce high volumes of original, valuable content, the quality of content often suffers because businesses often try to recreate the wheel on all things related to content. But here’s an idea.  What if you have an existing winning asset—a piece of content that works—could you build off it, change it up and repurpose it?

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What is ‘repurposing content’?

Rather than creating new content each time, you can take an existing piece of content that you used for one purpose and fix it up to be used for another purpose down the line.  Repurposing content can save you time and resources, help generate more engagement and traffic and grow your online presence. Don’t take my word for it. Nearly 29% of top marketers repurpose their best content.

Marketers generally use different types and formats for their content. Think blogs, videos, infographics, ebooks, webinars, podcasts, whitepapers, charts, graphs, reports, slideshares and so much more. The trick to repurposing content is finding the best ones—those that are evergreen or popular. Repurposing content is more than performing a cosmetic makeover, it’s more plastic surgery to a point where the new content is no longer similar to what came before. When repurposing content, you are either changing the format of the content, and/or making sure it is targeted at a new audience. For example, you can repurpose a blog post into an infographic, or an infographic to video, or blog series to an ebook or turn an interview into a podcast.

The Art Of Spinoff

Remember the series Frasier, which took up the character of Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammar), a patron at Sam Malone’s bar from the popular NBC series, Cheers, and morphed it into an award-winning show.  Or, when Beverly Hills, 90210, ran its course, it spawned the wildly successful Melrose Place and Locklear received four consecutive Golden Globe nominations for her portrayal of the character Amanda Woodward. Capitalizing on the success of a popular series through the trusty spinoff is a time tested, hit making formula. You can do that same thing by repurposing content. You can pick out a single idea from your content assets and develop it into a whole new post. There are endless ways of spinning off a post. For example, you can explore a blog post topic from a completely different angle or take several related blog posts and fill it out, add images and develop it into an ebook.  Pick out your most popular posts and give it the webinar treatment. When your webinar is done, create your slide deck and script, upload it to SlideShare, and promote your webinar on your blog.  That’s a quick win!

Highlight Your Masterpieces

You may already have a sizeable content library, so you need to find the content pieces that are most popular with your audience and visitors. Finding your best assets that are buried deep in the archives is the first step in repurposing them. Before you can showcase them front and center so that new visitors can find them easily, you need to identify the best performers over the years. Find the content with the highest pageviews and/or average time on page from your analytics dashboard or use BuzzSumo to track your most shared pieces. Now work your repurposing magic so that audiences new to your site can find your masterpieces first. Once you find your cornerstone content asstes, compile them together and create a ‘Best of’ page dedicated to showcasing your best work. Don’t just include a long list of links but neatly separate lists into a number of categories so that your visitors can quickly find what interests them most. This way your audience finds your best content easily and you also make the best first impression.

Old Posts New Cover

A lot of people are just not into reading that much and might not be interested in your written content. But they most definitely would be interested to listen to it or to watch it. To tap into that audience you have to give them what they want. You can present your old blog posts in a new format of video or podcast, infographic or slideshow. Give your old content a new spin in the form of one-off or video series to teach, inform, guide, explain, educate and more. Upload to YouTube or SlideShare and add a link back to your site to get thousands of eyeballs for your site content. Alternatively use Powtoon or GoAnimate to make animated videos.

If you’re camera shy, hire a voice actor to narrate your blog post, and you have a podcast episode. You can use Podomatic, iTunes, and SoundCloud to create, edit, and promote your podcasts. Or, turn your post into a PowerPoint presentation, and you have your slide show. Add the audio of your podcast to your slides, and you have your video. Podcasts and videos help you reach a new audience, and they add an authority and sophistication to your digital presence.

There are innumerable ways of refreshing old content by adding images, graphs, charts, and screenshots or by modifying outdated information to make it current.  You can add new information, tips, polish your headline or improve the general readability to add value to an old post. Think of ways to make old content fresh and appealing to a new audience. Shine up your old content with a little repurposing magic dust till its tip-top and old is new again.