Get Intimate with Your Customers. Start a Podcast.

If I told you that podcast marketing has been around since the 1980’s would you think I was crazy?  First known as audioblogging, podcasts started in the 80’s but didn’t take flight until 2004.  Unlike radio marketing where listeners choose a station and are forced to listen to whatever content the station is publishing, podcast marketing is an intimate, opt-in medium where you have to be a good story teller with ultra-compelling content that keeps your audience wanting more.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Maybe not literally, but when you can build a relationship and connect with your listeners, you get invited into their lives.  Podcasts allow you to build relationships like no other form of content can.  There is something special about hearing a story.  After all, the most basic, human form of storytelling is audio.  It allows the listener to fill in the gap and paint their own picture of the story you’re telling.

Podcasts are about connecting. They have a voice.  It’s this voice that forms a bond and keeps listeners coming back for more.  There is no “LOL” in a podcast; there is actual laughing.  When your target market can hear you laugh, hear the “ummms” and hesitation, the inflections and the excitement in your voice, when they hear the human side of your personality, life gets breathed into your content and relationships are formed.  And because of the mobile nature of podcasts, you can go with your listeners anywhere that they take you….even the dinner table.

Get to Know Each Other First

Some would say that the podcast trumps any other form of content.  I would disagree.  While a podcast most certainly can stand alone, it is also a fantastic tool to use in conjunction with other forms of content.  In fact, other pieces of content should be used to introduce your brand as a stepping stone in the relationship.  Blogs, for example, are a great way to build trust and credibility.  A research study conducted by Research Now uncovered that 84% of consumers make purchases after reading about a product or a service on a blog.  Blogs attract new audiences, establish authority, and build engagement. Once these things have been established, it’s easier to branch out into other, more perosnal forms of content such as podcasts.

Have a Plan

Planning your podcast is just as important as planning any other form of content.  Here are a few steps to take before you start recording:

  • Build an editorial calendar: just like you would with your blog or social media marketing, an editorial calendar keeps you organized and outlines your topics
  • Choose a software: there are a lot of options depending on whether you use a Mac or a PC.  Either way, select a program that is easy to use and fits within your budget.
  • Write a script: you do not have to read it line-for-line, in fact we discourage that, but a script gives you guidance and keeps you on topic.
  • Tag it: make sure you tag your file so that it is search friendly.
  • Upload it: enough said.
  • Promote it: let your target audience know that you have published a new episode.  Promote it using email, blogs and (of course) social media.

Getting Started

The benefits to producing a podcast include not just an increased connection with your audience, but also greater visibility online, increased SEO, more traffic being driven to your website and an increase in brand awareness.  Podcast listeners are growing rapidly.  Those who consume podcasts on a weekly basis listened to an average of five podcasts per week.  Now is the time to get on board with this growing form of content.

So what now?  It’s a lot of work to take on by yourself.  GlobalDirective can help.  The first step to implementing a successful social selling campaign is to understand your target markets habits, interests and pain points.  From there you can build your content to address these things by successfully writing valuable and findable pieces of information that your target market cares about.

This is a guest blog written by Michelle Keyser, Director of Social Media and Content Marketing, at GlobalDirective, a digital marketing agency, where she is a strategist and blog contributor. Contact GlobalDirective today for more information by calling 1.866.925.9524.