Performance Degradation Has Nowhere To Hide From New Relic

When I was a kid, I was a master at “Hide and Seek.” I was so good in fact, that most of the time the other kids just left me hidden and went home. Childhood trauma aside, New Relic is awesome at “seeking out” the cause of performance issues on websites.

If you have ever visited your website and wondered “Why is the site running so slow?” or you tried to look into an issue only to find several of instances of “index.php” running for EVERYTHING, or if you looked at the logs and saw only “An unexpected error has occurred.”, then New Relic is exactly the tool you need.

New Relic is a quick install, and in most cases does not require a reboot. Once the services are installed, New Relic starts sending data, including script load times, database queries (which are by default obfuscated for security), external calls, errors and even browser details like DOM rendering (how long does it take to display correctly based on CSS), and Network response times to data collectors. Data is then turned into graphs, trends and alerts to provide you with “near real-time” dashboards of information.

From the information found on the dashboards, your performance issue becomes much less than a game of “hide and seek” as you can see what is causing the performance issues on your sites with great detail and clarity. And if you ever get stuck, our support team is right there with you to review the information inside New Relic and help with recommendations and possible solutions to the problem(s).

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