All About Managed Web Hosting Services

In today’s digital world, building and maintaining a website or starting a blog has become an absolutely essential part of establishing company reputation, branding products and reaching customers. Websites represent a centrally managed collection of files or web pages containing text, image and other multimedia files that are organized and made accessible to online users with the help of programming languages. Web hosts rent out server portions to store the files, information and applications that run on your site. There are hundreds of web hosting companies offering different web hosting plans and services (dedicated servers, managed dedicated servers, co-location hosting, cloud hosting, etc) so choosing the best hosting option for your business depends on your specific needs. As your business expands and your site experiences more traffic, your Web hosting needs become more complex and you have to start looking at beefing up your web server.

In today’s technological environment, terms like ‘managed’ or ‘hosted’ have become buzzwords that some companies even use interchangeably. But clients need to understand what they mean in order to select the best web hosting service for their business. So what is the distinction then between a hosted system and one that is managed?

What Does Managed And Hosted Mean?

To put it simply, a hosted solution only includes the rental of the space, environment, and equipment of the provider’s data center, whereas managed hosting services also include additional benefits of maintenance and management to keep operating systems working at maximum efficiency. With a hosted solution, the client is responsible for the upkeep, updating and overall maintenance of the machines to ensure they are in proper working order. But in contrast, the provider of the Managed hosting solution helps keep your hardware up and running, applies security updates, spam filtering, virus scanning and maintains historical trend data too so that you can concentrate on your core business strategies. With Managed hosting, the vendor takes care of all maintenance requirements but the client still has to manage any applications running on the systems.

Overview of the Types of Managed Web Hosting

Companies can easily reduce costs and make tangible savings on hardware, network equipment, firmware, and software by leveraging on the many types of managed services The most common managed web hosting solutions being offered by vendors today are as follows-

  1. Fully Managed Web Hosting

Businesses can get customized web resources solely dedicated to one user for each server and this type of hosting is referred to as ‘Dedicated hosting’. And  ‘Fully managed hosting’ is a type of dedicated hosting, wherein webmasters get a comprehensive web hosting solution including complete administration of the server, technical maintenance, and performance maintenance. Leaving the management of the server to the hosting provider leaves you with more time and resources that can be focused on building your business. Though there is ambiguity in the level of services offered with a fully managed hosting plan, it generally will include the following-

Server Monitoring – Servers will be scanned to look for any irregularities or potential failures so that they can be rectified before they snowball into major issues or causes service disruption.

Security – To keep your business-critical data and information safe, the provider will run operating system updates, have virus scanning, spam filtering, firewall configuration along with standard physical data center security measures in place.

Full Back-up and Storage – All critical company data will be backed up and stored securely so that you never have to worry about the loss of information and customer trust.

Server Configuration and Maintenance – Specialist staff will configure and set up a hosting solution to meet client requirements effectively. The host vendor will also perform the necessary server maintenance to ensure the smooth running of the platform.

Support – You will get 24/7/365 qualified technical support on hand through chat, telephone and in some cases email.

  1. Partially Managed Hosting

In ‘Partially managed hosting’ you can pick the services you need from the whole range of services being offered by the provider. You may have a webmaster skilled in the administration of the server so he can manage some aspects of the server, while letting the host provider manage the other areas.

  1. Colocation hosting

In this type of hosting service, you can keep your company servers in the premises of the hosting company and entrust them with the maintenance and physical security of your servers.

Major Benefits with Managed Services

To make the right hosting package choice for your business, you have to first determine your budget and know whether you have a webmaster that has experience running a server. Managed hosting is preferred by many businesses because it offers a flexible solution that can be tailored to suit your budget and business requirements. Hosting specialists can help you scale RAM, memory, storage and make the correct RAID configurations according to your unique needs. It is also a more cost-effective IT solution wherein the provider takes care of the day-to-day running and maintenance of the servers and infrastructure.  Choosing the right Managed Web Hosting Provider will give you substantial benefits.

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