Terms of Service

HostLabs Web Hosting Services Agreement:

The terms and conditions set forth herein constitute the full and complete agreement between you and Add2Net, Inc. (doing business as and hereinafter referred to as “HostLabs”). Your agreement to be bound by these terms is acknowledged by your use of the HostLabs Website (the “Site”), Hosting Services, Support Services and/or any HostLabs software made available to you. The terms contained herein supersede and replace any other agreement or negotiation between you and HostLabs, whether oral, written or otherwise including any statements made by any representative of HostLabs at any time.


1.1 Fees

HostLabs charges the following fees where applicable. All such fees are subject to change with thirty (30) days’ notice. Not all fees are applicable to all accounts.

1.1.1 Set-Up Fee

This is a one-time fee may that be charged in connection with the establishment of a new account.

1.1.2 Service Fee

This is the fee for your monthly, annual or bi-annual web hosting services.

1.1.3 Domain Registration Fee

This is the fee for the registration of a domain name and is non-refundable.

1.1.4 Private Registration Fee

This is the fee for the optional private registration service and is non-refundable.

1.1.4 Other Service Related Fees

These are fees for additional services that you may choose to add to your account.

1.2 HostLabs also reserves the right to alter, change, amend or delete fees at its sole option. HostLabs further reserves the right to institute new services and charge fees in association with the provision of such new services as it deems appropriate.

1.3 HostLabs reserves the right to offer subsequent promotional rates which may or may not be more favorable than the terms under which you entered this agreement. Any such periodic special rates shall not affect the then existing rights and responsibilities of each party. HostLabs also reserves the right to change the rate charged for any such fee under this agreement with thirty (30) days’ notice.

1.4 Payment of Fees

HostLabs accepts payment by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and by personal check, cashier’s check, electronic check, or money order.) In addition, HostLabs may from time to time allow additional forms of payment. However, the offering of a particular form of payment does not obligate HostLabs to continue to offer that form of payment in the future. The current list of payment options will be displayed during the order process. If you have any questions concerning the current available payment options, please feel free to contact us.

1.5 Payment by Credit Card and Electronic Check

1.5.1 Prior to activation of your user account and at any applicable time thereafter, you agree to allow HostLabs to charge your provided credit card or bank account, and at stated regular intervals the agreed service fee amount for the stated period, together with any HostLabs set-up charges, registration fees, or any other charges outlined herein as may be applicable. You further authorize HostLabs to charge your credit card or bank account for all subsequent period fees at, or a reasonable period in advance of, the commencement of any such subsequent period. You agree to maintain current valid existing credit card or bank account information with HostLabs for the purpose of satisfying the HostLabs charges as they become due. Refusal or rejection of any such charge or any portion thereof is grounds for account suspension and/or termination at the sole option of HostLabs under Paragraph eight (8) herein. An administrative fee of $25.00 may be charged for the refusal, rejection or return of any such charge for any reason whatsoever or any portion thereof. In addition, refusal, rejection or return of any such charge for any reason whatsoever or any portion thereof is grounds for account suspension and/or termination at the sole option of HostLabs under Paragraph eight (8) herein.

1.6 Payment by Check, Money Order

1.6.1 Prior to activation of your user account you agree to submit a check payable in U.S. dollars against a bank located within the United States. HostLabs is under no obligation to initiate service until the proceeds of such check have been cleared by such financial institution and have been received by HostLabs. Invoices will be submitted to the email address on file for you as a courtesy only, and you agree to receive such invoices via email. Payments for subsequent fees are due and payable immediately upon invoice and no later than the expiration of the last day of the previous period, without regard to any invoice. It is your responsibility when paying by check to make sure that your payment is received by HostLabs. An administrative fee of $25.00 may be charged for the refusal, rejection or return of any such check for any reason whatsoever or any portion thereof. In addition, refusal, rejection or return of any such check for any reason whatsoever or any portion thereof is grounds for account suspension and/or termination at the sole option of HostLabs under Paragraph eight (8) herein.

1.6.2 It is recommended that in order to avoid any service interruption, you submit your payment to HostLabs within a sufficient time prior to the expiration of the current service period so that it reaches HostLabs in advance of the renewal date.

1.7 HostLabs Limited Money-Back Guarantee

1.7.1 Money Back Guarantee.

HostLabs is proud to offer a limited money back guarantee on all new accounts and renewals. Upon receipt by HostLabs of proper notice from you of the termination of your account within thirty (30) days of the creation of a new account or within seven (7) days of the renewal of an existing account, HostLabs will refund all service fees for the new term. Terminations after this period are not eligible for refund. There are no refunds of account Set-Up Fees or Domain Name Registration Fees. If you were provided a promotional “Free Domain Registration,” a domain name registration fee will be deducted from your refund. HostLabs may grant refunds under any other circumstance it deems appropriate without waiving its rights under this paragraph or any other rights it may have.

1.7.2 Waiver.

Certain promotional services are offered to existing HostLabs customers from time to time which are either free or at a reduced cost. Where such services are made available to new customers still within the 30-day guarantee period, such services may be offered subject to a waiver of the remainder of the 30-day guarantee period. Such waiver will be identified together with the offer where it applies. Presently this includes but is not limited to: Microsoft® Expression Web® and Total Training.


2.1 Web Hosting Services.

For the term of the agreement as set forth herein, HostLabs agrees to provide Web Hosting Services according the plan selected by you upon activation of your account. HostLabs reserves the right to change, amend and/or otherwise alter the services provided with equivalent or otherwise equal services without prior notice to you. The specifics of any particular offer are contained within the offer itself as published on the Site at the time you create your account and remain in effect throughout the term of your agreement. The specifics of all current offers are located within the Site located at www.HostLabs.com. Web Hosting Services shall be defined as server space and data transfer allowances for the purposes of displaying a business or personal website.

2.2 Web Hosting Backup Service.

As an “Other Service”, HostLabs is pleased to offer Managed Backups service by R1Soft®.  R1Soft utilizes Continuous Data Protection® technology to back up at the block level instead of the file level. This feature shortens backup windows and reduces disk I/O compared to file-based full and incremental backups. R1Soft services are provided by HostLabs according to the terms and limitations set forth herein according to the service options and pricing that you select at the time of your registration. In the event that the size of your backup exceeds the limitation of the service option that you select, you authorize HostLabs, at HostLabs’ exclusive option to (a) remove old restoration points (b) remove log files or (c) increase your selected service option to accommodate the size of your directory structure so that your backup may be completed on an ongoing monthly basis. Any increase in space and price will continue on a monthly basis and will be your responsibility. You may check the size of your directory at any time via the Control Panel for your account. If at any time thereafter, you wish to reduce your service option for this service you may do so by contacting HostLabs Customer Service. Any such reduction shall become effective at the beginning of the following billing cycle.


3.1 Domain Name Registration.

At Customer’s request, HostLabs may acquire a Second-Level Domain Name (“Domain Name”), on behalf of Customer. HostLabs is a fully ICANN accredited Domain Name Registrar. HostLabs, via an exclusive arrangement with Tucows, utilizes the Tucows registration system for all domain registration and renewal services. Your purchase of domain name registration services is specifically subject to your agreement to the terms of this Agreement and also to the terms of the TUCOWS DOMAIN REGISTRATION AGREEMENT which is incorporated fully into this agreement and made available to you at this link.

3.2 Limitation of Liability.

Although the Tucows Domain Name registration system is one of the most reliable Domain Name Registration systems in the World, as with any electronic system, it is not perfect. We promise to work with you to coordinate with Tucows to resolve any problems that should occur as quickly as possible. However, by registering your Domain Names with HostLabs, you understand and agree that the maximum liability arising out of any error including any failure to register or renew any Domain Name is remedy set forth in paragraph 12.5. In the event of any Domain Name registration issue, contact Customer Service immediately and inform them of the details of the issue. In order to avoid registration issues, it is important that you keep your billing information up to date at all times.

3.3 Customer Owns the Domain Name.

HostLabs will not own or otherwise control any domain name registered on your behalf under this section. HostLabs provides this service as a convenience to you only and you hereby waive any and all claims which you may have, or which may later arise, against HostLabs for any and all damages, losses, claims or expenses arising out of or related to the acquisition, registration and/or use of the Domain Name. You hereby agree to pay any costs incurred by HostLabs to register and/or maintain the Domain Name on your behalf by HostLabs under the payment provisions of this agreement elsewhere herein.

3.4 Private Registration Service.

HostLabs offers as an optional service, for an additional fee, Private Domain Name Registration in accordance with the rules, regulations and memoranda issued by ICANN. You may choose to use the HostLabs Private Registration Service, at your option. If you choose to use this service, you agree to be bound by the terms of the HostLabs Private Domain Registration Services Addendum which may be found on the Site located at https://www.HostLabs.com/legal/terms-of-service/registration-agreement. The terms of the Private Domain Registration Services Addendum are incorporated into this agreement as though they were fully set forth at length herein. Private Registration Service Fees are non-refundable. You agree to maintain your registration information with HostLabs in full compliance with this agreement and the terms of the Private Registration Policy. Failure to so comply is cause for immediate suspension and/or termination of your account under paragraph eight (8) herein or at the option of HostLabs cancellation of any Domain Name registered under this section.

3.5 Other Services.

HostLabs offers a listing of additional services in connection with its Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services. The terms of these services are governed by this Agreement.

3.6 Accurate Contact Details.

The Domain Name Registrant shall provide to HostLabs accurate and reliable contact information and promptly correct and update all such information and keep such information current at all times during the term of the Domain Name registration, including: full name, postal address, e-mail address, voice telephone number, and fax telephone number if available for the Registered Name Holder; name of authorized person for contact purposes in the case that the Domain Name Registrant is an organization, association, or corporation. A Domain Name Registrant’s willful provision of inaccurate or unreliable information, its willful failure to promptly update the contact information provided to HostLabs, or its failure to respond for over fifteen (15) calendar days to inquiries by HostLabs concerning the accuracy of contact information details associated with the registration shall constitute a material breach of the Domain Name Registration portion of this Agreement and shall be a basis for cancellation of the Domain Name registration.

3.7 Third Party Licensing of Domain Names.

Any Domain Name Registrant that intends to license the use of a registered domain name to a third party shall remain the Domain Name Registrant of record and shall remain responsible for providing its own full contact information to HostLabs and for providing and updating accurate technical and administrative contact information adequate to facilitate timely resolution of any problems that arise in connection with the Registered Domain Name. A Registered Domain Name Holder licensing the use of a Registered Domain Name to a third party according to this provision specifically hereby agrees to accept all liability for any damages or harm caused by any wrongful or allegedly wrongful use of the Registered Domain Name by such third party, including any and all attorney’s fees and costs, as though the use was their own.


HostLabs strictly enforces compliance with its acceptable use policy which may be found on the Site located at https://www.HostLabs.com/legal/acceptable-use-policy/. The terms of the acceptable Use Policy are incorporated into this agreement as though they were fully set forth at length herein. You agree to maintain your website in full compliance with the terms of the acceptable use policy. Failure to comply with the policy in the judgment of HostLabs is cause for immediate suspension and/or termination under paragraph eight (8) herein. HostLabs reserves the right to refuse to provide service to anyone at their sole option.


5.1 License.

HostLabs, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, hereby grants you a non-exclusive, limited, personal, license to use the HostLabs Web Hosting Service for the term of the Agreement as set forth herein.

5.2 Assignment.

Your rights under this Agreement may be assigned only upon prior notice to HostLabs and upon express written approval by HostLabs. Any other assignment is null and void.

5.3 The license set forth in this section does not include any right or entitlement to use any trademark, servicemark, registered or otherwise of Add2Net, Inc., HostLabs or any related entity. For information upon how you may use our trademarks in your marketing materials or on your website, contact our customer service department.


6.1 It is understood and agreed that during the term of this agreement and thereafter you may come into possession of information which is the confidential and proprietary information of HostLabs, including but not limited to the HostLabs customer service and maintenance tools. You acknowledge that all right and title to any such HostLabs intellectual property shall remain the sole property of HostLabs and that you have no right, title or interest therein. You further agree not to provide access to the HostLabs services to any third party. You agree yourself and not to assist any third party in any way to use, translate, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, modify, reproduce, rent, lease, lend, license, distribute, market or otherwise dispose of any portion of the HostLabs Services. Any and all right or title to any engineering, coding, programming or customer service work around or other modification of the HostLabs service shall also remain the sole property or HostLabs.

6.2 During the term of this agreement you may have access to certain information and materials relating to the HostLabs business, customers, software technology and marketing which HostLabs treats as confidential (hereinafter “Confidential Information”). You agree to at all times during the term of this agreement and otherwise as set forth herein: (i) hold in confidence, and not disclose or reveal to any person or entity, any “Confidential Information” without the express prior written consent of HostLabs; and (ii) not use or disclose any of the “Confidential Information” for any purpose at any time, other than pursuant to your rights under this agreement for the purpose intended. These obligations shall continue indefinitely for so long as the Confidential Information is a trade secret under applicable law and shall continue for three (3) years following termination of this Agreement with respect to Confidential Information, which does not rise to the level of a trade secret.

6.3 You are the sole owner of any information that you post within your account area. HostLabs does not normally review or edit the information posted within your account. Notwithstanding the above HostLabs specifically reserves all right to edit, change, remove or delete any information posted in violation of this policy, the HostLabs Acceptable Use Policy or any applicable law, order or public policy. HostLabs is not your partner, associate, joint venturer or agent with respect to any information placed by you on the HostLabs servers.


The initial term of this agreement shall be the period selected by you at the commencement of your account. Periodic accounts (monthly, annual, biannual) are automatically renewed and are charged in the same manner you selected at the commencement of your account. Any Additional services are renewed for the same period as the corresponding hosting service. A listing of the presently available plans is available on the Site located at www.HostLabs.com.


8.1 Suspension

At the sole option of HostLabs for any reason set forth herein or in the event that you breach any term of this agreement including but not limited to Section 1 (Payment of Fees) or any violation of the HostLabs Acceptable Use Policy, HostLabs may suspend your account by deactivating any access by you and/or by web users to any information contained on the HostLabs servers related to your account while maintaining the information and data related to your account upon the HostLabs servers. Suspension shall specifically include the disabling of your hosted domain and/or any access to information or data related to your account. In the event of any such suspension you will be notified. At the option of HostLabs you may be given an opportunity to correct such breach or violation. Upon being notified of an opportunity to correct such breach or violation, if such breach or violation is not corrected the account may be terminated under paragraph 8.2. Service charges will continue to accrue on suspended accounts as if they were not suspended. You will remain responsible for the payment of any such charges during any such period of suspension.

8.2 Termination

This agreement and all of its terms shall remain in full force and effect until it is terminated. Termination shall include the removal of any and all of your information from the HostLabs servers. Such information or data may or may not be made available to you by HostLabs after any such termination. This agreement may be terminated either (a) after a period of suspension as set forth in paragraph 8.1 or (b) except as otherwise stated herein by either party upon 45 days’ notice in advance of a renewal period for any reason.

8.3 In the event of termination under paragraph 8.2(a) there will be no refund provided to you. In addition, HostLabs may charge you an additional termination fee not to exceed $100.00 at its sole option. The assessment of this termination fee shall not affect the rights of HostLabs to recover from your losses, damages, indemnity, defense costs, expert costs, collection costs and/or attorney’s fees or other costs of any kind as may be applicable under California Law.


9.1 You hereby consent and agree that as to any information which HostLabs may collect from you and/or maintain with respect to you, including but not limited to your account information, dates of service, billing address, billing records, usage statistics, site statistics, services purchased, domain name purchases, correspondence to or from HostLabs concerning you or your account, or other information which in HostLabs sole judgment is reasonable, HostLabs may disclose such information to public or private third parties as applicable law may require or permit. The decision as to whether to disclose such information as may be required, permitted or otherwise reasonable shall be within the sole discretion of HostLabs and may include but shall not be limited to (1) compliance with court order, subpoena or other request of any State or Federal government, (2) compliance with the Electronic Communications Decency Act, (3) compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (3) compliance with the HostLabs Terms of Service or other policies. HostLabs may charge the person or entity submitting any civil subpoena or other such information request, or any response thereto the costs associated with compliance. Payment must be made either (a) within thirty (30) days from the date of the HostLabs invoice for these costs and services or (b) prior to the release of the information sought, whichever is earlier. Checks should be made payable to HostLabs. Compliance costs are as follows:

  • Research, Phone Calls, Document Review – $75.00/hour
  • Postage, Express Mail – Cost as Billed
  • Copies, Scanning, Document Production – $.25/page

9.2 During and after the term of this agreement you agree to receive periodic emails, telephone calls, or SMS message containing commercial offers from HostLabs and certain approved marketing partners in regards to HostLabs or such partner products, services. We may also contact you concerning your account, system conditions, changes, updates or and schedules.

9.3 You agree to provide and at all times during the term of this agreement maintain true and accurate account information on file with HostLabs specifically including your Name, Address, Email address, telephone number billing information and any other account information requested at any time during the sign up process. You further agree that the failure to provide or maintain such accurate information is a material breach of this agreement and subjects your account to suspension and/or termination as set forth in paragraph eight (8) herein.

9.4 You agree to the terms of the HostLabs Privacy Policy located here.


10.1 Any notice under this agreement shall be given by HostLabs to you via email at the address provided by you to HostLabs at the commencement of this agreement or as HostLabs is subsequently advised. Notice to you at this address is deemed sufficient regardless of your receipt of such email. If you wish to update your email address you should do so by contacting customer service via the Site located at https://www.HostLabs.com/company/contact/

10.2 Any notice by you to HostLabs shall be made by telephone to a customer service representative at 1-714-521-8150 during HostLabs regular business hours of 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time and is effective only upon receipt by HostLabs of any such notice. Such notice may also be sent via United States Mail to the following Address:

Add2Net, Inc.
HostLabs Division
1908 N. Enterprise St.
Anaheim, CA 92865


Sections 1, 3 through 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 15 through 21, inclusive, of this agreement shall survive the termination of this agreement and shall remain in full force and effect after any such termination.


12.1 HostLabs makes every reasonable effort to maintain operation of the HostLabs service. However, because many events and circumstances are beyond the control of HostLabs, HostLabs does not, in any way, warrant or otherwise guarantee the availability of the HostLabs system or servers and is not responsible for any delay or loss of data, lack of connection, slow connection, or any other such issues whether due to the active or passive negligence of HostLabs.


12.3 In general, HostLabs has no control over information contained on the Internet. Information obtained by you from the Internet may be inaccurate, offensive or in some cases even illegal. HostLabs accepts no responsibility for any information which you receive from the Internet. You accept full responsibility to verify the truth and accuracy, legality and ownership of the information that you obtain from the Internet as well as the reputation of the individuals with whom you may deal. HostLabs provides no warrantee for any goods or services which you obtain over the Internet nor the compatibility of any such services with the HostLabs system.

12.4 You hereby expressly waive any claim for damages of any kind whether direct, indirect, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential, loss of profits or loss of business as the result of any action taken in response to any claim of copyright infringement without regard to whether or not the material claimed to have been infringing is later found to be infringing.



13.1 You agree to fully defend and indemnify and hold harmless HostLabs of and from any and all third party claims, causes of action, demands, costs, damages including both direct and consequential damages, specifically including attorney’s fees and costs, expert fees and costs and mediation and/or arbitration fees and costs incurred (whether paid or not) as the result of any breach or claim of breach of this agreement or your negligence whether active or passive or any negligence of HostLabs in any way related to your use of the HostLabs service or any portion thereof.

13.2 You agree to fully defend and indemnify and hold harmless HostLabs of and from any and all third party claims, causes of action, demands, costs, damages including both direct and consequential damages, specifically including attorney’s fees and costs, expert fees and costs and mediation and/or arbitration fees and costs incurred (whether paid or not) as the result of any violation or claimed violation of any copyright or other intellectual property right of any third party which is in any way related to your use of the HostLabs service or any portion thereof. Choice of counsel remains exclusively that of HostLabs.

13.3 You agree that upon the assignment of your user ID and password that you will maintain the confidentiality of your account information and assume all responsibility of and from any loss, theft or other destruction of any data as the result of any access to your account via the use of your user ID. You further agree to defend and indemnify and hold harmless HostLabs of and from any and all third party claims, causes of action, demands, costs, damages including both direct and consequential damages, specifically including attorney’s fees and costs, expert fees and costs and mediation and/or arbitration fees and costs incurred (whether paid or not) as the result of any claim for damages in any way related to the disclosure of your confidential User ID and Password information. Choice of counsel remains exclusively that of HostLabs.


Either party to this agreement shall be excused from any delay or failure in performance hereunder caused by reason of any occurrence or contingency beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to, acts of God, earthquake, labor disputes and strikes, riots, war, and governmental requirements. The obligations and rights of the party so excused shall be extended on a day-to-day basis for the period of time equal to that of the underlying cause of the delay.


Software available in connection with the HostLabs services is subject to United States export controls. No Software may be downloaded from HostLabs or otherwise exported or re-exported in violation of U.S. export laws. Downloading or using the any downloaded Software or software component is at your sole risk.


Your rights under this agreement may be assigned only upon prior notice and express approval by HostLabs. HostLabs may assign its rights hereunder to any person or entity who shall become a principal owner, or shareholder of HostLabs. Any other attempted transfer or assignment of rights hereunder shall be null and void ab initio.


If any term, clause or provision hereof is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or operation of any other term, clause or provision and such invalid term, clause or provision shall be deemed to be severed from the Agreement.


This Agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of California without regard to any conflict of laws provisions. Any action between the parties to this agreement for the breach of this agreement or any action or claim in any way relating thereto shall be venued in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Orange. The parties to this agreement hereby consent to jurisdiction in that court and agree to accept service by mail and hereby waive any defense of any kind related to jurisdiction or venue.


Notwithstanding any other provision of this agreement, HostLabs is not your agent, partner or joint venturer in any respect.


HostLabs may without advance notice amend this Agreement from time to time, and will do so by posting the new Agreement on the Site in place of the old. Each and every such amendment shall be become effective immediately for all pre-existing and future accounts.


21.1 Copyright Infringement Claims

HostLabs maintains and strictly enforces a policy against repeat copyright infringement including the termination of any account receiving multiple copyright infringement claims. Any notice concerning any claim of copyright infringement should be addressed to:

Add2Net, Inc. – HostLabs Division
1908 N. Enterprise St.
Anaheim, CA 92865

21.2 California Pursuant to the terms of The Electronic Commerce Act of 1984 please be advised that as may be applicable to you under California Law if you are unsatisfied with the manner in which a complaint that you may have regarding the HostLabs service you may contact the complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the Department of Consumer Affairs in writing at 1020 N. Street, #501, Sacramento, CA 95814 or by telephone at 1-916-445-1254.

ICANN Uniform Domain-Name-Dispute-Resolution Policy.

TLD Contracts (Domain Name Registration).


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