Email Archiving

In today’s day and age there is more data than ever before, data which represents a significant portion of workforce output. Protecting that information from unexpected disasters is not only prudent, but in many cases, mandatory for legal and regulatory reasons. At a time when so much of a business is run on electronic communications, retaining those conversations and contracts can make all of the difference. But to effectively preserve information, any enterprise must balance the cost of that protection against the value of that data.

Quickly respond to audits and eDiscovery requests, recover lost or deleted files and speed investigations of any kind. Protect intellectual property and preserve communications from former employees for future use.

With our email archiving solution, you can store every message because you never know when it will be needed, and when it’s needed you can search every message.

Top Features of Email Archiving

  • 100% data capture across devices and platforms (including POP/IMAP accounts)
  • Compliance with regulations including FRCP, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH and SOX
  • Simple, flexible searching, filtering, tagging and recovery methods
  • Encryption of data both in-transit and at-rest
  • Extend end-user archive access through our online portal or within Microsoft Outlook
  • Worry-free security and reliability
  • Plan flexibility: add archiving for every mailbox or just specific ones
  • Full indexing and extraction of more than 500 different file types
  • Implement a “legal hold” to identify, segregate and preserve relevant data
  • Export to .PST, File, Text, PDF or HTML
  • Restore single item or send to new mailbox

Hostlabs offers email archiving through our Microsoft Exchange email hosting services.

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