The Coolest Websites On The Internet That You Should Bookmark Right Now

Among the millions of websites on the Internet, there are some hidden gems that you may not even know existed. Right from the bizarre to the beautiful, you really can find all kinds of sites on the Internet. We have done some digging for you and compiled a list of the best sites around. There are some entertainment sites, some time-wasters but there are also many substantive sites with beneficial information. Kick back, relax, and enjoy these obscure but interesting nuggets on the Web!


Can’t start your day without the news? is an extremely convenient way to quickly access the latest trending news headlines of the world in different categories (business, world, sports, or technology) on a single page. You can turn off a particular category from appearing if you are not interested or even focus on country-specific news.

2. Thought Economics

Read interviews with the world’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs and the people shaping our future. This digital journal also features opinion editorials on issues pertaining to business, economics, medicine, arts, politics, science and more.


With a mission of World class education for anyone, anywhere, this learning resource is free and not-for-profit. You get expert created learning content on any subject and at any level. You can learn anything.

4. Mint (USA & Canada)

Want to be smart with your money? Visit Mint, which is the preferred destination on the web for personal finance management, with automatic spending tracker and budgeting tool.

5. Zomato

This tool is a great resource for finding local restaurants and shops in your area. With reviews from fellow foodies, Zomato helps you discover hidden gems and even lets you order food online.


If your computer has been infected with a virus or malware, look no further than, which has a huge resource of security news and really handy virus, ransomware, adware and malware removal guides.

7. The Genuine Haiku Generator

Most peculiar site, amusing

constructs random haikus


8. offers universal access to its digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. It is home to the Wayback Machine, which makes it possible for anyone to look up different versions of web pages going back all the way to 1996.

9. SilphRoad

Have you developed a fascination for eggs, candy and stardust suddenly? You may be one of the millions of Pokemon Go enthusiasts. The Silph Road brings the latest research, news, latest trends, and tools for Pokemon Go players around the world.

10. Udacity

Udacity is the pioneer in online education. It offers advanced learning courses designed to directly equip the skills needed to land real jobs at companies you want.


Health is wealth. But unfortunately too often our busy lives take over and we take our health for granted. But now you have Greatist to fall back on. It is a health and fitness blog designed to help you set goals that you can actually achieve on your own terms. It has everything from meal prep advice to happiness guides.

12. Popurls

Finding it hard to keep up with popular social site content, news headlines and video hits? Popurls is the original aggregator that presents all the web’s headlines in a simple categorized single page.

13. Cracked

The Cracked Daily Hit List is a sure cure for boredom. You can spend hours on this good old American humor site browsing through hundreds of informative and interesting articles and videos.

14. Vumble

Do you want to know what the world is watching right now? Discover the best videos every day on Vumble as voted by users.

15. Forvo

Still going on about tomato, tomahto? Here is the definitive pronunciation dictionary. Get to know how to pronounce ANY word.

16. Project Alexandria

Want help finding your next favorite book? Project Alexandria is a great tool for book lovers. You can enter the Book title or your favorite author name to get a graph showing five recommendations based on similar books.

17. Akinator

This is a web version of the 20 questions game, where you think of a fictional or real personality and Akinator gets to figure it out. It uses Artificial Intelligence to guess correctly almost every time. Have a go at trying to beat Akinator. In fact, it’s so popular that Google offers it as a game on it’s personal assistant, Google Home.

18. Pixel Thoughts

When you feel stressed out, stop at Pixel Thoughts and meditate for 60 seconds. Enter a thought that is bothering you into a star and watch it get smaller till it vanishes. This mindfulness website can clear your mind in a minute.

19. My Script Font

If you are fond of scripts and handwritten scripts, then check out My Script Font. Besides being able to download great web fonts and desktop fonts, you can also easily create a font out of your own handwriting. Download the PDF or PNG provided on the website, write in your own handwriting and upload it back for a TTF/OTF of your own handwriting.

20. Addicted 2 Success

If you want to start winning and turn your life around, then go to Addicted 2 Success for some positive addiction. This thoughtful personal development and self improvement site features articles designed to inspire people.

Other than the 20 cool websites we have shortlisted, there are other more well-known trendy sites such as Reddit, Laughing Squid, Quora, Snapzu, BoredPanda, etc. you can visit just for fun or even as sources of resource.