Colocation Made Easy & Affordable

Whether you are starting a business that needs a web presence, expanding your existing footprint or creating a cloud environment, you should consider Colocation Hosting Services for your IT road map. The purpose and advantages of Colocating can be overlooked, so here are a few benefits that you may not have know about.

Cost Savings

If your company is considering building and maintaining its own location to house your servers, you’ve probably learned how expensive it can be. Not to mention you need to hire an IT staff to monitor and manage that environment. Most business models show Colocation as safer, more reliable, and more cost-effective than trying to retrofit office space or building your own Tier 4 datacenter.

There is the initial cost of purchasing the servers; however once they are up and running your monthly costs are usually less than paying a web hosting company for a fully managed solution. Not to mention bandwidth costs, redundant power sources, cooling equipment and smoke detection and fire suppression are all prohibitively expensive both to purchase and maintain. Colocation Hosting Services give you access to the best equipment and resources at a more manageable cost.

Technical Support

Although you don’t get the full monitoring and application support of a managed solution, there are still plenty of management services offered by Colocation providers. Network operation centers will monitor your servers alerting you if there is an issue. If you can’t make it to the datacenter most Colocation providers have 24/7 trained professionals to provide “remote hands and eye” support.


Physical Security: The provision of 24 hour security is a luxury most organizations can’t afford, but is standard at most datacenters and can minimize the threat of theft or damage to expensive equipment.

Data Security: Some businesses cannot have their sensitive information residing on rented or shared servers. If that is the case, then Colocating your servers in an ultra secure datacenter is the way to go.


Reliability and uptime are very important to any company with an online presence. To ensure 100% uptime your facility needs features such as dual port connectivity, diverse network connections, redundant parts on power and cooling systems and back up generators. If your current location does not have these features you will more than likely have an outage that could last several hours, even days.

OK, so Colocation might be an option after all, but how do you know which company to trust and is the best at ensuring the safety of your precious equipment and data?…HostLabs Colocation Hosting Services has you covered and here is why:

We support all sizes of businesses, from basic server setup to fully-managed, custom set-ups, all designed to grow with our clients’ needs. We offer:

  • Single Server, ¼ Rack, ½ Rack, or Full Rack
  • Private cages available (build to suit)
  • Multi 1000 Mbps GIG-E fiber connections to Internet backbone
  • Redundant fiber connections on diverse physical paths
  • Gigabit Ethernet network backbone
  • Redundant telecom and fiber providers
  • Unrestricted dedicated 100/1000 Mbps ports on our switch
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%

Our satisfied clients tell us we are competitively priced against other, larger Colocation providers, and we offer no-charge set-ups as well as these bonuses:

  • Visual checks with phone support
  • Reset cables
  • Power cycles
  • Portable monitors and keyboards
  • Use of tech benches and tools
  • Competent, friendly, expert service and staff


Your data is safe with us. Our Colocation centre is in a secure facility with 24/7 surveillance, biometric thumb scanners and visual ID badges. The server racks and cabinets are seismically braced and the cooling and power have N+2 redundancy. The diesel backup generator can run at full capacity for weeks. The pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system is computer-controlled with early smoke detection monitoring. The safety and integrity of the system is our highest priority.

If you’re looking for affordable, secure server Colocation Hosting Service, look no further. Check out our Colocation Hosting Services or contact our sales team today!