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Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting features

Free Domain Name

Get a Free Domain Name with a 12 Month Business hosting plan. Use HostLabs domain name search tool to check if your perfect domain is available.

Custom Operating System

Private cloud provides the ability to have any base o/s installed providing you with the perfect environment needed for you or your client’s specific needs.

Scalable Features

You can choose the amount of resources needed for your various uses, Scalable options include RAM, CPU Cores, Disk Storage Space, and Bandwidth.

* Free domain offer available only on 12 month term / 1 yr plans or longer.


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I’ve been hosting with HostLabs for 10+ years now. Over the past couple of years, they’ve upgraded their servers, hired some great tech support reps…

Danna M.

I’ve had HostLabs host 4 websites…more importantly, when I had a problem, their technicians worked on it immediately…I highly recommend them…

Ken C.

I’ve been hosting with HostLabs for 10 years or more…and most importantly, their customer service is super responsive, usually getting back with a few hours.

Travis G.

HostLabs has been great for me and my team and they are great on support.. Very satisfied.

Chris C.

Why Choose Cloud Scalable Hosting?

You need a rock-solid return on your investment and you need high performance. The HostLabs Cloud VPS Server plans hand you the controls, so that you receive exactly what you need and pay for only what you use. And the great part is that you control the changes, any time, day or night, from your control panel. You can choose how many CPU cores, disk space, RAM or bandwidth you need. All of these options can be changed without needing to completely migrate hosts or create a virtual machine, which means less or no downtime for you.

From enterprise-level infrastructure needs, to rapidly growing eCommerce, Marketplace or SaaS platforms, our VPS servers create an affordable hosting infrastructure that provides only what you need, and scales as you scale. We can even help you with Web clustering and SQL services. To do so, our Cloud Sherpas will conduct a private consultation so you have the right hardware and built out right the first time. And once you are set up, our team of cloud experts will oversee all aspects of third-party applications and manage your data 24/7/365.

Cloud VPS Solutions Solve Tomorrow’s Problems Today

If you’re currently weighing your options in the area of business web hosting, you’ll find there are lots of potential hosting services clamoring for your attention. HostLabs Scalable Cloud VPS hosting is one of the best solutions you’ll find for your new and potentially growing business.

Five reasons Cloud VPS may be just right for you:

No matter the size of your business, you need to be ready for exponential growth at any given time.  For as many overnight success stories there are out there, there are an equal number of stories about crashed servers, traffic delays, and resultant missed business opportunities.  Choose a partner who will ensure your site is always up and running. When success comes knocking, HostLabs will help you rest assured you will be ready to answer the call.

Good virtual hosting means you aren’t “going it alone” in the vast web hosting world. Be sure that your virtual public or private server hosting comes with the support you are looking for. HostLabs is relentlessly focused on support 24/7/365 since problems don’t usually limit themselves to “office hours.” And our support is US-based, and delivered your way, whether by phone, chat or email. HostLabs is here for you.

If you’re trying to control costs, (and few people aren’t in our experience) you need hosting services that fit your budget while giving you the greatest ‘bang for your buck’ – which is exactly what we do. You get the control benefits of a dedicated server but you can avoid hardware and maintenance costs with a scalable cloud VPS efficiently. Our solutions give you all the computing you need, and none of the baggage.

Scalable Cloud VPS hosting offers you control over your site’s content and the applications you’re running, from anywhere you need it! By logging into your password protected admin panel, you can upload documents, edit content, run new applications, and thus operate your business anytime, anywhere.

Cloud hosting supplies you with an individual IP address and unique-to-user password protected entries. Firewalls and employee education regarding server access from external computers are additional ways to ensure that the scalable Cloud VPS is safe from attacks. With multi-layered protections built into the system, your virtual host is a safe and secure choice for business class hosting.

Scalable VPS Cloud Server FAQs:

You Have Questions, We Have Answers!

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, sometimes referred to as virtual Dedicated Hosting. A VPS is a virtualized allocation of resources (i.e. ram, hard drive space, and CPU) from a physical server or Cloud of servers. This provides an affordable private environment that is exclusive to your web application(s), at a fraction of the cost of a standalone dedicated server. HostLabs has launched Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting which is ahead of the curve in the world of VPS hosting.

Many other hosting providers will take a single, physical dedicated server to create multiple VPS servers using the hard resources that dedicated server has to offer. In other words, they will take one physical server and split it up into many smaller Virtual Private Servers. The problem with this is if there is a hardware failure, such a CPU, RAM, or Hard Drive failure, every VPS under that machine will experience a problem. Sometimes these failures are catastrophic.

This is why HostLabs offers the Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting solution. HostLabs uses a state of the art configuration which involves putting up a redundant storage area network with redundant, high-speed solid state disk storage connected to a high availability cluster of Frontend Servers loaded with ram and the best processors available. We then use a virtualization software to create a layer of virtual servers from the Storage Area Network and Frontend Servers. At no time is your VPS dependent on one physical machine so if there is a hardware failure in one of the physical machines in the cloud of web servers, each virtual private server remains online. The remaining physical machines pick up the workload and carry on.

You should consider using Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting when:

– Web traffic increases and as a result you experience high memory and/or cpu usage that is not suitable for a Shared Web Hosting environment.

– You don’t want the hassle of having Shared Web Hosting Restrictions or limitations.

– You want a virtual Private Server but do not want to be part of a single physical dedicated server at risk of failures due to hardware problems

– You want a private hosting server that is not shared by other users, but cannot afford a dedicated server.

– You want a private hosting server with the ability to instantly scale in resources.

– You are looking to increase website speed and performance by having more available memory and CPU.

– You need to have full control over what is or is not enabled or installed on your server (i.e. php modules, apache rules, etc.)

– You want a specific operating system or version thereof. i.e. Linux, CentOS6 CentOS7, Nginx, Ubuntu, Microsoft 2012, Microsoft 2016

– You are looking to have root/administrator access to your Linux or Windows server for complete control over your hosting environment.

Anybody can use a HostLabs Scalable Cloud VPS hosting server regardless of your experience. HostLabs offers unmanaged Scalable Cloud hosting solutions for those skilled users as well as Fully Managed Scalable Cloud Hosting Solutions for those who want the benefits of the Virtual Private Server without the need for administrative knowledge and technical know-how. Whether it is a personal hobby site or a thriving business, the Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting solution will work for you. As your website scales upwards, so can your server.

We created our Scalable Cloud VPS Hosting so that when your website requires more CPU, Storage, or RAM capacity it is easy to increase your resources without any downtime or hassle. For example, if you have a physical dedicated server and want to add more ram, you would need to schedule a time for a technician bring your server offline, plug in the physical sticks of ram, and then plug your server back in. With the scalable Cloud server, you can upgrade server resources like RAM, CPU, and Storage at the click of a button. Upgrades to your operating system can be done with the expertise and guidance of HostLabs system administrator support. Our Managed Hosting Solutions will also take care of upgrades to things like PHP, MySQL, control panel versions, etc. can be performed by HostLabs staff when needed.

Your Scalable Cloud server will come with default specs of 2gb RAM, 2 VCPU cores and 50 GB of available Disk. If you need to increase these resources, we offer an easy to use scalability tool within our Customer Account Pages that allows you to add more ram, cpu or storage to your server at the click of a button. Simply slide your cloud resources to increase memory, disk or cpu on the fly.

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