Scalable Cloud Hosting and Private Cloud Hosting

Scalable Cloud Hosting and Private Cloud Hosting

In recent years, businesses large and small, as well as consumers are outgrowing traditional storage and back up options and moving to “the cloud”. In simple terms, clouds are large numbers of complex computers kept in temperature and humidity controlled buildings which together create cloud hosting. These technologically advanced and extremely expensive buildings store and transfer large amounts of information to users all over the world very quickly.

In fact, cloud hosting is fast becoming a standard practice in most businesses around the world. It is said that 75-80% of all businesses already have a cloud service implemented or are in the process of searching for the best cloud hosting solution. In the long run, cloud hosting saves money. Purchasing, maintaining and upgrading the technology required to host and store information for today’s businesses in house, is no longer practical.

Although, there are many types of cloud hosting applications, here we are going to focus on two popular types: Scalable Cloud Hosting and Private Cloud Hosting. At their roots, they both function the same way in terms of storing and transferring data, easily and effectively but there are a few key differences. Let’s take a closer look.

Scalable Cloud Hosting is perfect for everyday consumers, small and medium sized businesses. This platform allows you to tailor the perfect hosting plan to fit your exact requirements. If you ever need to scale up and add more storage, speed or computing power. This is easily controlled in the back end by the customer. This not only gives the user the flexibility they need to meet the demand but also lets them control budget in a more exact manner.

The user can receive up to date data, for example, of how much Random Access Memory (RAM) they are using verses the total RAM in their plan. Same goes for Hard Drive Space for storage, Bandwidth for uploading and downloading and other valuable metrics to keep their business operating at full potential. The customer can then decide if more or less of any metric would best suit their needs. Scalable Cloud Hosting is perfect for customers who want full control over their plan and are looking for a hands on approach with great flexibility.

Here are some key benefits of Scalable Cloud Hosting:

  • Convenience – Easy to access and understand for a small to medium size business.
  • Flexibility – Scale your plan up or down at any time in the back end to suit your needs.
  • Cost – Only purchase the infrastructure you need then add more as your business grows.
  • Security – Each virtual partition is fire wall protected.

Private Cloud Hosting is geared towards medium to large businesses that need a tailored approach to hosting and data management. Security is paramount with private cloud hosting. Certain computers in the cloud are solely dedicated to fulfill the requirements of that company but more importantly to protect outside or inside intrusions. This is accomplished by setting up firewalls to protect valuable information from hackers and to create a hierarchy within the company. This additional security and dedicated servers are the most attractive elements for business when choosing between public and private cloud hosting.

Private cloud models are set up to more closely resemble Local Access Networks (LANs) with day to day operations. So the transition from and in house LAN setup to a Private Cloud Hosted network is an easy transition. Another benefit to a privately hosted cloud network is the customization. Businesses have virtually no limitations when setting up a private cloud and can tailor it to suit their exact requirements.

Here are some key benefits of Private Cloud Hosting:

  • Security – Data and resources are kept secure by firewalls and can only be accessed by authorized members of that organization.
  • Efficiency – Unlike traditional LANs, private cloud hosting makes a more efficient use of computer resources by focusing energy only when called upon.
  • Control – Build a customized cloud, designed exactly to fit your needs. This gives you the ability to configure and access certain data within specific parts of your organization. You can then make this data available to only certain departments within that organization.
  • Reliability – As opposed to traditional hard drives, clouds are more resilient to failures due to virtual partitions. If a virtual partition does fail, it can gather information from another still healthy partition.

Cloud hosting is not the wave of the future anymore. It’s standard procedure when it comes to website hosting, business management and keeping your personal data safe. Whether you choose Scalable Cloud Hosting or Private Cloud Hosting, HostLabs can help with all of your hosting needs. Call 877-586-7207 or chat with one of our online experts today!