CityWorth, heard of it?

There is a new player in the online deal world that Living Social and Groupon have so far dominated. The wildly successful “daily deals” have now been turned into a money making opportunity for everyone when you use CityWorth. Research indicates that the U.S. daily deal market will grow to $6 billion by 2015. Why not take a percentage of that money and put it back in your pocket while supporting your favorite local businesses?

How does it work?

CityWorth helps you generate recurring income by doing things most people already do on a consistent basis – look for great deals and spread the word when they find them. You can join CityWorth just as you would Living Social or Groupon and set up an account to just enjoy the daily deals. Or you can join as a “Connector” for not only the daily deals, but you’ll also make money off the deals your network purchases. When you’re spreading the word as a connector to all your family, friends and social networking buddies, you’ll be making money. Dare we compare it to multi level marketing, but it sort of is. You have friends, your friends have a network of friends and their friends have friends and so on. Every time you connect as a “Connector” with a friend through CityWorth it opens the door to thousands of people. Each time someone in your extended network purchases a deal you make money; the more people you connect with the more money you’ll make, it’s that simple.

When you join CityWorth as a Connector they provide you with the following items to get you started:

  • Your own CityWorth website
  • Your personal CityWorth dashboard with up-to-date status of your network size and income generation
  • Step-by-step training on how to grow your extended network rapidly
  • Email templates for spreading the word
  • Your own custom links to include in your posts on Facebook, Twitter and email

Either way, it’s easy:

  • Buy a deal – When you see a deal that sparks your interest, simply click “BUY.” That links you to a short form where you can complete your purchase information. You’ll get an email with your personalized deal details.
  • Use a deal – Print your deal email and bring it to your local merchant. For many of their deals, CityWorth will negotiate a follow up discount with the merchant so you can enjoy even more savings. Watch your inbox for potential follow-up deals, just for you.
  • Share a deal – Chances are you’ll find such good deals that you don’t want to keep them all to yourself. CityWorth provides quick-and-easy links so you can email and share with your social network…AND, keep in mind that sharing can mean making money when you become a CityWorth Connector.

Sounds exciting and easy, right? Well, the bad news is, they aren’t in every city yet but will be in 9 major cities by the end of Q1 of this year, 2012. Here is the list of cities and their order:

1. Washington DC Metro
2. Philadelphia
3. Boston
4. Atlanta
5. Dallas – Fort Worth
6. Chicago
7. Houston
8. Miami
9 & 10. New York City Metro (so big it takes two slots!)

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