Cirrus Cloud Tools

Cirrus Cloud Tools allows Scalable Cloud Hosting customers to view their current system resources and adjust them accordingly.

When determining when to upgrade your resources, you will want to look at the last two boxes.

The ‘Free RAM’ box tells you how many megabytes of RAM you have free on your server. RAM is the resource that is used to store data that is being worked on, or cached data for fast access. RAM is wiped clean on reboot of the system, and should never be 100% Full.

If your ‘Free RAM’ is less than 20% of your total memory, you should consider upgrading your RAM by moving your slider for RAM to the right. This will cause a reboot of the system. Of Course keep in mind that immediately following a reboot all memory is wiped clean and caches and system processes start over.

If your ‘Free RAM’ is greater the 50% it may be safe to downgrade your RAM (if your server has been running for a few hours). You can achieve this by moving the slider for RAM to the left. Again, this will trigger a system reboot and all memory will be wiped clean, and system processes and caches will start all over again.

The ‘Load’ Box shows how much work your CPU cores are doing. This can be caused by processing a lot of requests on the server, a script running or even backups. Most applications are now multi-core friendly, so the addition of cores to your server will improve the performance of the system and ‘Load’ will lower.

Typically if you are seeing your ‘Load’ Box ranging from 40% to 80% regularly you want to add cores by sliding the CPU Slider to the right.

If you see your ‘Load’ is always at 0% to 5% it may be safe to scale down the CPU by sliding the CPU Slider to the left.