Benefits of Hosted Exchange 2016

Hosted exchange is quickly becoming increasingly popular as the most vital communication tool in business today is email. Everyone knows of Microsoft Exchange as the world’s leading platform for business communication and collaboration, with more than 470 million mailboxes worldwide leveraging Exchange to utilize the combined power of email, calendar and contacts. The cost of implementing and maintaining a stable and reliable email & group collaboration services can prove to be prohibitively expensive–especially with the overhead costs of buying a server, paying for licenses, and installation.

A Hosted exchange Solution allows businesses, both large or small, to utilize enterprise level messaging in order to access emails and notes on the server from anywhere in the world, with a few clicks from any web browser. You will be able to see your Outlook with calendar dates, meeting schedules and any relevant notes even when you are out of the office. Microsoft Exchange Server provides you with a smarter working environment thanks to mobility, collaboration, and group scheduling features—all without having to purchase expensive infrastructure and licenses.

When deciding on the type of exchange server to best suit your company, the most important factor to take into consideration is the size of your business. If you are running an enterprise with more than 50 employees, then it may be better to choose a local, in-house server as it will be more cost-effective. If a medium or small business does  not have the budget for a local exchange server but still desires the same support and functionality, then Hosted Exchange Server may be the right fit. With Hosted Exchange you are basically renting an off-site server in a secure location for office processes to work smoothly on-site. It is designed for organizations to tap into cloud services with no fees upfront, while keeping their mailboxes on premises.

Top Benefits of Using Exchange 2016 Hosting

There are many benefits for businesses to use Microsoft Exchange 2016.  We especially like the server for its pricing, productivity, personalization, all-time/any-time access, and security benefits.

Pricing. The cost of setting up a hosted version of Exchange 2016 is minimal. It allows businesses to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by using the provider’s hardware, infrastructure, and personnel. All services that your business will require, from hardware redundancy, data redundancy, to managed support, is factored into a low, monthly rate. Additionally, there are no charges for upgrade, replacement or maintenance on physical hardware that supports your exchange server.

Productivity. With Hosted Exchange, teams can collaborate easily and efficiently on projects using Microsoft applications and services, such as Outlook. Users can easily manage distribution lists, track messages, and edit personal information-tasks; which represent a large portion of help desk calls in many organizations. Using Global Address and Distribution Lists your employees will be able to share company contacts and distribution with everyone on the roster. Shared calendars allow you to see when team members may be free for meetings.

Personalization. Hosted Exchange enables a personalized experience for businesses and their employees and other users  right from the beginning. You can still make changes quickly and easily when necessary. Businesses also receive specialized technical support 24/7 directly from your provider. If there are any problems with the services functionality, the provider is able to address and resolve your issues immediately.

All-time, Anytime, Anywhere Access. With Exchange 2016, business can be conducted not just from the office, but from anywhere your day takes you. You have access to all of your information at all times, from anywhere in the world. Exchange 2016 allows everyone on your team access to mission critical data and communications from anywhere with any internet connection through Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA), and mobile devices (ActiveSync).
Security.  With hosted Exchange 2016, the secure connection between your Outlook client and the Exchange server surpasses all the major security requirements. There is standard spam and virus filtering with every mailbox. There may also be other safety measures incorporated like remote device wipe to keep your data and information secure, both on your desktop and even on mobile devices. Also, most hosting providers ensure that all emails and information to the Exchange is encrypted to keep sensitive company communications safe from prying eyes.

Standout Features of Exchange Server 2016

The new multi-role mail server product from Microsoft, Exchange 2016, has been forged in the cloud and it combines innovations in architecture with a focus on hybrid solutions for enterprise customers, web-based Outlook, improved document collaboration, eDiscovery functionality, data loss prevention upgrades, collaboration and search.

1. Architecture Changes

The Client Access server role has been removed from Exchange Server 2016 to reduce the number of servers needed to run Exchange. Hub Transport, Unified Messaging and Client Access Role have been merged to Mailbox Role, which has a client access services component.

Database failover times have been substantially reduced in comparison to Exchange Server 2013 by adding mailbox servers to a Database Availability Group, for high-availability protection to Exchange Server deployments.

MAPI over HTTP is the default email protocol in Exchange 2016, for Outlook to connect and communicate with Exchange server more securely. If outlook client does not support this protocol, it can also connect using Outlook Anywhere with either MAPI over HTTP or RPC over HTTP.

2. Server Improvements

Exchange Server 2016 has simpler deployments, with reliability improvements and reduced wide area network (WAN) costs. There is also BitLocker protection of data at rest and extensive support for larger disks in Exchange Server 2016.  It has a database divergence detection feature to identify corruptions, and also the ability to initiate some automated repair features, for quicker recovery from failures.

The new Exchange Server 2016 has an improved data loss prevention scheme, with added templates for other countries to identify, monitor, and protect 80 different types of sensitive information.

Exchange Server 2016’s eDiscovery has a superior new search architecture that distributes search work across multiple servers, for more accurate and complete results. Microsoft has introduced e-discovery search tools called Compliance Search for running a single search across large numbers of mailboxes in an organization, using analytics based on its Equivio acquisition.

Another great improvement is that Exchange Server 2016 also has new audit log capabilities for better integration with third-party software products. The Hybrid Configuration Wizard in Exchange 2016 has become a cloud-based application that can be downloaded and installed. It quickly supports changes in the Office 365 service and has improved diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities. It is easier to synchronize multi-forest hybrid deployments with on-premises Active Directory Connect.

3. Client Improvements

Microsoft has improved both the Outlook desktop client and the Outlook Web App client for document collaboration and mobile productivity. Outlook on the web supports Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 and latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari Browsers.

New functions such as Sweep, Undo, Pins and Flags have been added together with features that include creating calendar events, inline reply, single-line inbox view, composing, search, pop out emojis, and thirteen new themes with graphic designs, switching folders, as well as improved HTML rendering. Users can add contacts from their LinkedIn accounts in outlook on the Web.

Instead of having to attach a file to the message on Outlook 2016 or on Outlook on the web, users can attach it to OneDrive for Business, to utilize co-authoring features built into these products. If any user receives an email with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint that file is stored on OneDrive for Business, the user can view and edit that file in Outlook on the web alongside the message. The user should have an Office client license to edit the attachment though.

The “smart in-box” in Outlook makes finding e-mails and attached documents easier, with Search now providing suggestions based on mailbox data and key words from email content.

You get limitless number of email addresses, with large disc space for each mailbox, which means you never have to delete important emails from your inbox.

Make the Smart Choice with Hosted Exchange 2016 for Your Business

If your business wants to keep up with the technological advances of the modern workspace, then Hosted Exchange 2016 makes for a smart and affordable choice. Communicating has never been more effective and secure!