5 Common Myths About Dedicated Servers

When any new technology emerges, it generally comes with a number of promises that it can’t yet quite deliver on. Early adopters generally pay the highest price both financially and in headaches. Over time, however, as the kinks get worked out and problems get solved, services become faster, smoother, more reliable and more economical. When dedicated servers were first introduced, they came with many of the same issues as all new tech. Over time, however, performance increased which turned legitimate issues into myths.

Here are 5 common myths about dedicated servers that just aren’t true anymore.

Myth # 1: Dedicated servers are expensive and unreliable 

When people think of shared services, they often think of overcrowded servers that suffer from poor performance because of other tenants eating up bandwidth, processing power and I/O. A dedicated server, however, does not suffer from the “noisy neighbor” use because adequate resources are set aside exclusively for your use at a predictable monthly subscription price. Not only are subscription prices well within the affordable reach of even the most average website owner, but you also aren’t subject to the soft resource limits that are often applied to so-called “unlimited” plans on most shared server services. Dedicated means dedicated and what you pay for, is available for your use and your use alone.

Myth # 2: Support is minimal, so you need to be a tech expert 

Generally, the less you pay for a service, the less support you receive. If you cut corners to a free hosting site, support is non-existent, so you are on your own. In that case, you may, in fact, need to be a tech expert to run your site. With a dedicated server, however, not only do you not have to upgrade your own hardware regularly, but you also have access to different levels of managed support. Levels range from basic monitoring all the way up to OS maintenance, upgrades and security patches. At HostLabs we are fanatical about our support and you have access to us 24/7/365 days a year.

We offer priority technical support to dedicated server clients because of the criticality of your applications. And we try to make it easy to contact our support with US-based phone, live chat or email. You can also perform a wide range of tasks via an expanse, function-rich control panel that can help even the least technologically inclined users make the most of their service without needing an IT background.

Myth # 3: Any host will do 

The quality and service any host has to offer will vary drastically, so it is important to do your research. Just comparing cost alone isn’t enough. Not only is hardware also important, but support and infrastructure is critical as well. Many businesses are able to offer cut-rate prices because they scrimp on support or oversell their services. It’s also important to not put 100% stock in review sites either. You should read reviews, speak with customers if you can, but even the best and most reputable sites will have a few negative reviews and some of the worst services can have entire sites offering nothing but high praise and glowing reviews. If a host claims to have great phone support, call them up and see. Give us a call and test out our knowledgeable team.

Myth #4: They aren’t secure 

Another key difference between a shared hosting server and a dedicated hosting server is that your data is not at risk of falling into the hands of other users because the server was misconfigured. A dedicated server not only gives you sole administrative access so that your data remains private, but it also gives you administrator-level access to the bare metal machine so that you can completely customize and configure your preferred settings. This gives you free rein to install software, customize your system and update it whoever you want. At the same time, your provider also uses extreme security measures to keep your system – and all of your data – safe from spammers, hackers and other forms of malicious activity. It’s like the best of both worlds. A system you can customize completely to your needs that is still kept safe and secure by a 24/7 support staff.

Myth # 5: Hardware doesn’t matter 

The right hosting hardware can mean the difference between someone dropping off your site in the first 10 seconds or sticking around for a while and spending a sizable chunk of money. Building up sizable network traffic is something of a wasted effort if they get there just to be greeted with an error code. Most hosts offer an uptime guarantee, which is generally around 98%. When you do the math, however, a 98% uptime guarantee means your site can actually be down for close to 90 minutes a day or just over 7 days over the course of a year without violating the guarantee. We offer an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which is only 1 minute 44 seconds a day or just around 8.8 hours in total over the course of a year.

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