10 iPhone Apps to Increase Productivity

We always want to be productive in our activities and don’t like to waste a lot of time; we have limited time during our day and sometimes it seems like our tasks just pile on top of one another. There are many ways to expand your efficiency; some of these tactics include taking breaks, exercising, and writing out to do lists. While those methods work well, with today’s technology, developers have come up with apps that can help you improve your productivity! We’ve taken the time to find 10 of the best apps to help you be more proficient throughout your day.


This app allows you to plan your day and keep organized. You can drag and drop an idea into your itinerary, swipe off a task as you finish it, and shake your iPhone to clear out your completed responsibilities. You are also able to share your “to do’s” with your colleagues, friends, and family to improve efficiency! Another great feature of this app is the ability to verbally say what you want to do and this app will put your words into a text!

Calvetica Calendar

This calendar app works on any iOS device. You can scroll through your calendar weeks and also view the month so you can see how different events overlap one another; this will help you manage your events better. You are able to add new events quickly simply by pressing on the day and typing the time and can also customize the sounds and alerts. You can manage attendees and much more!

CamScanner Free

This iPhone app turns your iPhone into a portable scanner and fax machine. This app is extremely helpful for people who are not always in their office. With the version, you can view and manage documents based on tags, and there is also a PDF protection. All paper documents are able to be scanned and processed automatically. You are also able to save your scans to your photo album, email and upload the documents as well.


Planning meet ups and meetings can be difficult, especially if there is a large group involved. Doodle lets you create an event by creating a ballot to see what time and day is best for the participants involved. Once the results are in, the organizer can choose the appropriate meeting time. There is even a “Can’t make it” button that is an option. You can also coordinate meetings to show when you are available and how you would like to be contacted.


A free service that allows your documents, pictures, and videos to be synced and saved to all your computers, phones, and the drop box website. Dropbox allows the sharing of files to be extremely easy. If you use Dropbox, all of your files will be the same no matter where you’re working from, even if you’re on the go!


This is a free app that lets you take notes, take photos, create to do lists, and record voice memos. There are a ton of great features to this app including the capability to email notes and save tweets to your account, save, sync, and share files, and much more. This app was listed in New York Times ‘Top 10 Must-Have Apps’.


This tool is a popular social media management tool. There are many benefits for this app, one of them being the ability to schedule tweets and to update from multiple accounts (5 maximum). With the free version of Hootsuite, you get two RSS feeds. If you were to upgrade to a pro account, you can have unlimited RSS feeds.


This app keeps track of your tasks by place, person, project, or date. You are able to organize your tasks by goals and then work towards these goals by grouping the tasks together. You also get calendar notifications to remind you when you have a due date coming and are able to break up large tasks into smaller ones so that you can manage your steps better. Another feature is the ability to attach audio, and photos and sync them with other copies of OmniFocus. The interface is simple and user friendly allowing for you to finish what you have to do!


With this app, you can decide which tasks you want to do today and put them in your Today list. You can also come back to this list and treat it like a check list and it will automatically show you when things are scheduled or when due dates arrive. You can also put tasks in a “someday” folder in case you can’t get to it today. It’s easy to keep organized in this app as you can tag things to fit your individual workflow. There are a lot of other features including the ability to sync your devices.


This app is great if you are a traveler! All you have to do is forward your validation e-mails for your flights, rental cars, hotels, and more and it will automatically organize them into trips with all of your details and confirmation numbers. You can also share your travel plans with colleagues, friends, and family members and also connect it to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. This allows you to save some time and worry less!

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